Which shoes go with my outfit?

Okay so I have stated this before, I love fashion, but I can’t buy the fashion I want to or wear it because I am a short 21 year old who looks 13 and can only afford Walmart & Goodwill style clothes. 

Image ————-> Image

How i wish to dress…                                  How I actually dress


So my aunt had told me that I need to dress like a 21 year old…. so I looked at my style… 


WELL i DECIDED TO LOOK AT WHAT I GONNA WEAR FOR THE DAY, and since my camera is broken I decided to draw out my outfit using Hello Kitty. 


lol ain’t I cute haha… lol well my only problem to day is shoes…  Which should I wear with this outfit

 or   or 




Just being me: Don’t poke at my style



I am so frustrated when it comes to people who say ” be yourself” or ” do what you want”, but when it comes down to making your own style they don’t even care or they ignore you. I am not a skinny girl, I am not heavy set either. I weight in at 153 pounds and I am 5 foot 1. I  had been told that I have the look of a model from the 1950’s but today, I am considered ugly to people.


I like Asian fashion and so american fashion. I try my hardest sometimes but sometimes I am just to lazy to care.  I  have marked myself as being a dork, because I loved vampires before Twilight, I love scfi movies and I have always dreamed of one day going to comic con.


I noticed when I was in 4th grade that is when people mark you as a certain style. I have been known as the weird chick, I like to read and I can pick of stuff with my feet. I am shy and quiet but when I get mad enough I will speak my mind and people get frustrated with me.


I have always wanted to be a model, but I am not hot enough, or skinny enough or not fat enough. I don’t have a flat tummy and my cheek are fat. I am 21 but I have been told I look 12. It bothers me that because I am not out there, or I don’t post pictures of myself naked or showing my boobs that I am not good enough.


Maki: My homemade Plush doll

I found felt and cotton at my local walmart. I decided I wanted to make my own plush doll.  This was my design for my doll, her name is Maki. Image

Image I bought 4 colored Tan felt fabric, 2 pink, 2 black felt fabric and ultra plush cotton. I cut out 2 circles, 2 squares and 4 triangles. 






II pined her together and and then I made her and outift out of an old shirt and and old skirt. I bought red felt fabric to do her ribbon. Image


I stuffed her and sowed her together with hand. and she was done it only took 4 days to do.